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* BCE has regained access to email and will answer anyone who emailed us! * There is a BCE'02 in London this November, but it is by the organiser of Decepticon, not us * Stay tuned to the mailing list for more info! * Don't forget to tell us what you think in the good idea / bad idea and future surveys! *

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Welcome, welcome ... don't be afraid of the Destron feel to this site ... believe me ... we are just as friendly to Bots as well ... so take that how you please. Just don't stand there too long ... the guards might notice ... so are ya comin' in or not?

30th September 99

*** Look to the future ***

Right - straight to the point. Now is the time for your ideas for the next Botcon Europe to come in, and we'll try and make them happen! Head on over to our 'The Future' section and spill your opinion now! This survey gives you the chance to give your opinion straight, so don't miss your opportunity! If you've got your opinion on BCE 99 and think you can point out the good points and bad points, goto the good idea / bad idea section and fill that out too ... have YOUR say!

5th September 99

*** BotCon Europe Roundup ***

Okay - I'm feeling a lot better again and now I'm able to update this site (manually as frontpage 2000 hates me). I'm also just back from ECTS (http://www.ects.com) but you don't wanna know about that or you'd get jealous ;)


The place to find other people's roundups/pictures from the event


The roundup of the Unity Wall display/contest


The roundup of the Constructibot contest


The schedule we stuck to quite well


Where the venue was


Information about us


The Flyer we advertised with


The mailing list you can join for news etc

17th August 99

*** BotCon Europe comes and goes ***

Well peeps - I'm still a little disorientated so it feels strange to finally be saying this - but ... BotCon Europe is OVER! GONE! FINISHED! Updates will appear on this site detailing events, people, winners and other stuff from the event. Unfortunately I'm still suffering from a bad flu thing, so it'll be a week or so before most stuff is done.  Sorry guys!


29th July 99

*** A message from the top! ***

This is a reminder to those parties it may concern.

IF you have already booked up (or your details are in the mail...) for BCE, then all I have to say is remember to bring your customised toys with you, check the website for details on the War Hammer Style TFs Tabletop Game, bring along some artwork for the Unity Wall, don't forget your fanzines and any rare TFs or original artwork from the TFs comics etc etc, we will be happy to display that for other fans to enjoy.

IF you're a Dealer, get in touch with me now, there are some special late arrangements currently being made to fit more of you in. If you know someone who deals, please FWD this email to them or let them know, since some people are still outside of the circle of information reached by us........

IF you missed the deadline and are now not planning to come, please consider coming down for just the Saturday!

Yes, it's even easier. There's no hassle, you don't have to pay in advance either. You just pay 10 pounds on the door to get in all day. All we ask is that if at all possible, you fill out a registration form anyway, mark it SAT ONLY at the top in big lettering, and send that off to us with no cash. That way it will reduce any need to queue on Saturday, since we will need the details of all attending for insurance details.

Those coming on SAT ONLY will still meet SIMON FURMAN!!!!

So .... if you are planning to come on Saturday, please do fill out a form and send that on to us! I know there are people on this email list who are coming on Saturday (or Friday and Saturday) who have yet to get in their forms. However, it is fine to just walk in on the Saturday if you can't get us your details in time....

If for any reason, your details get to us too late and we can't mail you your pack, then arrive on the day with some form of ID that says you are YOU, and we will give it to you there and let you in.

Okay, that's about it. Spread the word, it's time to have some fun in the sun and celebrate Transformers :)

Take care,

6th July 99

*** Register for Saturday only! ***

If you will be attending on the SATURDAY (14th August) we would still appreciate you filling out the returning this form, though the deadline does not apply, and you only pay on the door. This will decrease queuing on the day, as ALL walk-in’s will be asked for details. It will also give us a good idea of how many people to expect on the Saturday.

So ... if you wish to attend on Saturday only then please FILL OUT the normal registration form – and just write:
SATURDAY ONLY in clear capitals on the top of the form.

However – paying the extra 9.50 (making a total pre-registration price of 19.50) will give you access on Friday if you’re there (first pop at the dealing) and a FREE T-shirt (first 100 get a pre-reg only T-shirt) and a FREE BotCon Europe Commemorative Magazine. So it’s worth it!

27th June 99

*** Updated Pre-registration System! ***

After much discussing with European interest - the Pre-registration process has now been updated! Pre-registrants can now pay ON THE DOOR if they need to (to avoid having to use postal orders and other foreign check business). Once we have received your registration form (PLEASE don't leave out blanks in your details otherwise we CAN'T send you your pass!) you are committed to turn up. If you are AT ALL able to pay by check in advance, then please DO SO and don't leave it till the day. This will enable us to properly fund the convention. Abuse of this system is unwanted and pretty un-fan-like. Paying on the door will have to have good reasons - please enclose your reason for not paying early along with your registration form. Things like "I've got other stuff to buy yaknow" will not be looked upon favourably. Paying as normal also helps us to get an idea of numbers. So unless this applies to you (mainly non-UK) then ignore the change

Provisional Schedule released! It's finally here! Hoorah! Go straight to the 'schedule' section to see the first draft at the layout times. This is, as it quite clearly states, a PROVISIONAL schedule. It is open to change at any time if we need to fit something else in, or if something overruns. You never know - we might even find other things to cram in! (is that possible?!)

24th May 99

'and there was plenty of room in the inn' Hello radio fans! Well - greetings! Latest news is that we've now got a list of hotels around the area (some of them anyway) and they're listed on the page suspiciously named "Hotels". If you haven't started looking for one yet - then try there first!

4th May 99

PREPARATIONS! It's been a long and hard journey towards BCE '99. But we're nearly there. Now, in these last stages of development we're finally able to actually get the serious work done. Over the next week the flyers will be completed along with the registration forms hopefully - so this will be what you guys have been waiting for.  From now on things should be good.

Side note:- help is still welcome in any shape or form you think you could offer it.  Please get in contact with us. For everyone else - spread the word!!!

25th March 99

BACK TO LIFE! After a long period of silence on the BCE front and people working on their own thing, finally the parts are gradually falling into place regarding the conference as we head rapidly towards the summer.

Due to network and technical problems by some people along with this public silence there hasn't been much done to this website in a while now. We all apologise for this 'global silence' but assure you that thing's haven't been cancelled or anything outrageous like that. If updates are what you're looking for, then check out the NEW FLYER that's been released!

BCE IS still going ahead and BCE WILL still be the best UK TF event for this summer that you're helping it to be. It's the fans who make up TF fandom and it's those same fans who make it and BCE what it is today.

14th December 98

STILL GOING! Slowly but surely BCE is still being worked on. Anyone who thought it was being put off or cancelled should think again. There's not much else to say about it at the moment - but all the work is currently behind the scenes.

10th October 98

URGENT NEWSFLASH Dates for EuroBotCon (proud relative of the mighty BotCon) have been finally booked and differ to those first advertised. They are:

Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of August 1999. Venue : St. Barnabas Center, Clapham, SW London.

Here is a newscast to all UK Transfans:

Assistance is required in the following areas for the Convention

planning's further growth; Merchandise Assistant and Guest Liaison. George can't do these jobs and her own as well, so drop the Webmaster an email if you want to help out and think you can do so...ASAP!!!

Thanx! -George Morgan-

10th July 98

NEWSFLASH Date and venue announced for EuroBotCon (name pending full permission from the owners, 3H).

Dates : Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of June 1999. Venue : St. Barnabas Center, Clapham, SW London. More information here as we get it ...

The Name! For anyone who wants to know the official name for what started out as EBC '99, it's officially name is now BCE: BotCon Europe (Proud relative of the mighty BotCon)

20th June 98

Two EBC Reps talk to 3H, about the name EuroBotCon and other points concerning the conference. 3H are generally happy with things and we're all buddies ... more information as we get it. Also, BotCon 98 takes place on 19th to the 21st, and goes very well indeed with TWO exclusive toys, both Predacon.

Mega - Antagony, female black re coloured Inferno. Delux - Vice Grip, male, grey and dark blue re coloured PowerPinch. Thanks, 3H!!!

10th June 98

New dealers questionnaire added, please fill it out if you wish to deal at the conference.

New major changes to be coming soon to the whole TMUK '99 scene, watch this space ...

25th May 98

NEWSFLASH TMUK 99 venue almost ready to be advertised. Watch this space ... London is a certainty, so anyone wanting to visit the fine old capital, will now have a good excuse.

NEWSFLASH TMUK 99 has the possibility of being a 2 day event on a friday and saturday, or just the one day on saturday. This is pending discussion.

At BotCon 98 proposals will be discussed in a meeting with 3H, after this definite information will be available here, so look sharp.

20th May 98

3H have relaxed their rule on using the name BotCon for now, so we are still deliberating the choice between EuroBotCon and BotCon UK and all that stuff.

20th March 98

Following negotiations and commitments to our word and keeping our promises and all our other noble stuff like that, the name EBC has been politely discontinued whilst negotiations continue with 3H, Hasbro and Hasbro UK. As soon as anything more positive goes on, you'll know about it. Meanwhile, EBC 99 has taken a name change to TMUK 99, so don't use the word EBC or EuroBotcon again, please :)

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