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Quasar meeting
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hellbatglare.jpg (21511 bytes)

Wow - WHAT a shot - it's hellbat glaring at the camera before the games, as we all meet up n play an arcade or 2 before the 'real' action starts!

armingup.jpg (22893 bytes)

Right, it's time to lock n load, and here's us lot all arming up ...

lights.jpg (19035 bytes)

I put this one in purely because it looks nice, and makes a nice background, hehe.

hellbatstrikes.jpg (19068 bytes)

Hellbat (off camera on left) "WOOOOOO"'s as he gets an attack in on the Green base and the siren wails and the strobes flash ... he then ducks and legs it as Green backup arrives

gavin.jpg (21069 bytes)

It's Gavin (main) and Lawrence (right) afterwards - is that sweat I see there Mr unfit people?  Teehee

debrief.jpg (23274 bytes)

George (right) and Chris (left) collect their score-sheets.  You can see a few others are in the background.

graham.jpg (25230 bytes)

Graham is commenting on his score-sheet - probably on how well he did ... hmmm ... or maybe not  ;)   Who knows!

armup2.jpg (20540 bytes)

It's time for the 2nd game, and everyone rearms ... let's rock ... this time it's Bots Vs Cons - Bots: Red, Cons: Green

Bathafterwards1.jpg (24000 bytes)

George (right) Swag (main) and others congrigate outside afterwards in Bath City Centre (where I spend much of my college time) with Mc Donalds  =)

Bathafterwards2.jpg (23503 bytes)

It's Burger (right) and Darren (main) hangin around afterwards eating Mc D's.

boystoys.jpg (20186 bytes)

Here's Hellbat (right) and Gavin (left) playing with Tf's back at our place after the meeting, along with lots of other people

victorysabre.jpg (20696 bytes)

Ta-da!  They've made Victory Sabre.  I still say he's a really damn good toy, plus the fact that they're both great toys when not combined makes them even better

meggyeatprieme.jpg (18104 bytes)

BeastWars Meggy takes a liking to Gen1 Prime's head ... for dinner ...

dancereflector.jpg (18484 bytes)

Reflector (all 3 of him/them/whatever) get their groove on, heh

dancehellbat.jpg (19671 bytes)

Hellbat raves for the camera, oh joy!  Good pic though


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