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Power ranger
Quasar meeting TMUK meeting Power ranger

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Last requests?  Here we see him strapped to teh fireorks, his doom is neigh ...

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You want a what?!  His last request was, uhm, well - to have a w@nk ... this toy had a w@nking action, honestly - a shildren's toy!

prblowup3.jpg (19335 bytes)

Fireworks #1  The first lot of fireworks go off

prblowup4.jpg (15245 bytes)

Fireworks #2  The second lot of fireworks go off

prblowup5.jpg (17377 bytes)

Banger time  The banger strapped to his legs goes off - bang!  See the illuminated ground ...

prablowup.jpg (23225 bytes)

He's still there  He hangs on his steaks of torture, after the fireworks

prablowup2.jpg (23038 bytes)

Ooo, bet that hurt  I hold him up close to see the damage

prcar.jpg (17431 bytes)

He's stuck in there!  Ever wanted to get stuck in a car boot?  Didn't think so ...

prcar2.jpg (19313 bytes)

You tired?  Here he is, awaiting a good flattening from Matt's (Divefire) car

prcar3a.jpg (16308 bytes)

Before ...  He survived the first time, so we sat him up this time ...

prcar3b.jpg (15190 bytes)

... After  There he goes!   (Flung out of sight, rather than squashed)

prstamp.jpg (18881 bytes)

Eat my feet  HE get's a good stamping on, but some of his limbs are still on ...

prhead.jpg (16803 bytes)

Off with his head!  Here it is, after it's been stamped/pulled/kicked off, finally!

prburn.jpg (18252 bytes)

Burn baby ...  Here we see the torso set on fire - at the, erm, *waist*  ;P

prburn2.jpg (19592 bytes)

Burn some more!  More burning, more smoke, more fun ... and waving it towards George and Swag ...

prwall.jpg (20077 bytes)

The final insult  Here he get's pushed into the wall whilst his *waist* is still soft from the burning, then repeatedly scraped along it, to finsh things off  =)


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