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Nyt's HUB



It's Here!!!

Nyt's HUB is here!!!

Nyt's Hole Under The Bridge (Meaning more to those from the TLY MUSH) has finally made it's grand entrance, and here it is, in style, kickin some ass  >D]

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"Heya shorty!"

"Well ... what DO we have HERE then, huh? A HUMAN? Who put this in my hole? This place is supposed ta' be secret, darn it! Ah what the hex - now you're here I might as well introduce myself and all that.

The name's Nightstrike, but call me Nyt, it sounds more clean an' cut, don'cha reckon? That's me all over - clean cut, smooth and damn good. Yeah, I am the best it gets, short stuff! Where are we? Deep in the heart of Autobot territory that's where, pal. This is, like I said, my SECRET hole under the bridges that form the Iaconian Expressways. Heh sure it's risky...but do I have cozy written on my job desc'? I don't think so.

ERK! Duty calls, small one! Go and see Kimakaze or somethin', I gotta go before Ghost sends someone out ta' get me. Got that? Good. See ya' later hume'!"

<Action> Nyt grins and sets you down outside his hole under the bridge, transforms into his Orca helejet mode and flies off, pulling a few aerial stunts....


I am currently playing:  Leozak@Genesis, Nightstrike@Genesis, Nightstrike@TLY, Gaihawk@Victory

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